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 May 2023

In Partnership with the North Central Jurisdiction Committee on Native American Ministries, and with KAIIROS, we are gathering resources to train Facilitators for the Blanket Exercise, and immersion experience in Native American History, and the colonization of the United States. Thanks to the Dakotas Conference for their initial support!

September 2022 

Triumph Over Trauma Native American Curriculum Supplement.  This faith-based curriculum is for use by faith communities to establish support groups for trauma survivors.  This supplement, authored by Michelle & Carol, will be FREE to Faith Leaders.    We are excited to announce this partnership with Harper Hill Global, Jonathan Maracle & Broken Walls, William Buchholtz, and Art Therapist Jocelyn Fitzgerald at

August 2022 

Morningsky Leadership has been awarded a grant from the Association of Clinical Pastoral Educators to begin their information gathering on two critical topics: 1) how do we decolonize pastoral/spiritual care with Native Americans and 2) A theology of Native American Pastoral Care. The MAP grant funds innovative pastoral counseling and spiritually integrated psychotherapy projects.

July 2022 

Perkins Theological School in Dallas Texas has been awarded a grant from the American Theological Association. This grant is supported by the Luce Foundation and is granted to Innovative Research Projects in Theological Studies.  Dr. Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner, Dr. Michelle Oberwise Lacock, and Rev. Carol Lakota Eastin are partnering in the research project:  Healing With Dignity: Spiritual and Pastoral Care in Native America.  

Having previously published a chapter in Women Out of Order: Risking Change and Creating Care in a Multi-cultural World on the topic of pastoral care with Native American women, Michelle & Carol are expanding their research by gathering Native American spiritual caregivers and healers to exchange their stories, ideas, and experience in the field.

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