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Retreats & Workshops

Creek in Mount Vernon, Illinois


Retreats offer the opportunity to discover more about yourself and others by stepping outside of the usual contexts of our life and work. Looking into different mirrors, seeing others in new light, approaching God in fresh ways. For renewal, rejuvenation, and spiritual development we believe PLAY is necessary. A critical part of our formative years, play continues to help us make new discoveries, develop new skills, and stretch our limits!

  • Stitching Grief: Application of Native American traditions in the Grief Process. Participants will experience and learn techniques for healing through loss. 
  • Facing the Four Directions: The balance of Spirit, Body, Intellect, and Emotion is essential  to our wellness.  Using the Native American Medicine Wheel as the model,  participants will  take a look at themselves, their strengths and vulnerabilities, and create a shield unique to themselves.
  • The Power of Story: At the center  of each of our lives, are stories that have shaped us. Participants will explore core stories that they have been carrying through life, and how that relates to Family Systems Theory.   We will explore universal story themes, the power of myth, creating new stories, and mutual storytelling. 
  • Customize a Retreat: Carol and Michelle will work with you to customize a retreat experience for your community or staff. We can bring our experience in Leadership Development to your Team.


  • Pastoral Care in the Native American Community
  • Women Who Changed Things: The influence of Native American Women on the Suffragists